Hey Hey NWA is a podcast that highlights arts, businesses, initiatives and culture in Northwest Arkansas through conversational interviews with locals.


In the summer of 2016, Peyton Finley and Zac Pankey desired to engage the culture of Northwest Arkansas but discovered that simply finding an outlet to do so was difficult. However, each were having conversations in taprooms and dives across Northwest Arkansas with fascinating individuals doing incredible work for the area. It was during this season that Peyton and Zac met each other in the living room of a mutual friend one Sunday morning.

Peyton and Zac began discussing their experiences and frustrations in navigating Northwest Arkansas culture and community. They wanted for people like themselves to have access to stories that were compelling and projects that were unfolding. If it was difficult for the two of them to keep a pulse on life in Northwest Arkansas, how much harder is it for others in the same community? It was then that Peyton and Zac dreamt up a podcast that would connect locals to the stories unfolding in their own backyards.  In a matter of weeks, they had a vision, interviewees, and even a theme song. Thus was the birth of Hey Hey NWA.

Soon thereafter, Peyton and Zac befriended Elyse Quattlebaum, the creator of NWA Underground, a blog devoted to sharing the untold stories of the region. Elyse found herself occupying the same in-between as Zac and Peyton, seeking to engage Northwest Arkansas deeply without knowing how. When asked if she would be a part of the Hey Hey NWA project, she agreed and Hey Hey NWA expanded to include a blog.

The three now work in concert to bring you compelling stories about your neighbors and the good work that is taking place in Northwest Arkansas.


Peyton Finley

As a recent resident of Chicago and Dallas, Peyton was surprised to find Northwest Arkansas rich in passionate people and warm culture after moving to Bentonville for work. When Peyton isn't being the point of contact for Hey Hey NWA, he enjoys playing bass guitar, cooking meals for friends at his house and garage sale hopping on the weekends. He's always down to grab a local beer and strike up conversations with complete strangers.


Zac Pankey

Zac is a podcast enthusiast and is well on his way to becoming a serial entrepreneur. He currently prides himself in inciting DIY rebellion in those around him, challenging them to do the thing they dare not do. Zac is particularly fond of queso, Black Mirror, building furniture, René Magritte and road trips.