Purr Catfé

If you're stressed, overworked, or just down, Fayetteville has some furry shoulders that can carry your load. Purr Catfé is a hangout spot that welcomes visitors to spend time with the shelter and rescue cats that have made the space their home until they’re adopted.

Playing with the cats at Purr is a great way for college students missing their pets, those living in pet-free apartments, or just anyone who isn't ready to adopt to get some warm snuggles and unwind. These kitties have made Purr their home until someone is ready to become their pet parent, so we're kind of obligated to go love on them, right? And you know they'll give that love right back.

“The catfé is the perfect place to pet, play, adopt, and get some much needed ‘purr therapy,’” says Owner Lauren Solomon, “Our space is the perfect spot to watch these cats’ personalities shine and have the best time.”

“Purr therapy” refers to the idea that cats’ purrs, which vibrate at 20-140 Hz, are medically and emotionally therapeutic.

“Well, if you’ve experienced it, you know that it is a very real thing,” says Lauren, “After a bad day, when you’re feeling down and out or any other number of problems, these buds never fail to pick you up.”

Click for full infographic (source: gemmabusquets.com)

Purr has a single entry fee of $8 and offers unlimited hot coffee and tea for $2. You can stay as long as you'd like, making the catfé the ultimate study and work space. The first Thursday of every month is Cats on Mats, or yoga with cats, featuring Teri Honeysuckle from Yoga Gypsy. Lauren anticipates adding more monthly gatherings like a book club and movie night. Purr is open to those ages 12 and up, but be on the lookout for kid-friendly events.

Support Fayetteville and Springdale Animal Services, Fabulous Felines and other local rescues by visiting Purr. I'd tell you to bring a friend, but I'm sure you'll find one there.

Find Purr Cafté on Facebook and Instagram @PurrNWA, and visit www.purrnwa.com for more information.