The Chronology of the Life of Local Artist Dayton Castleman (with a Couple Detours)

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This is the first part of a long conversation Peyton and Zac had with Dayton Castleman, a local artist and art community developer. In this first episode, the guys discuss Dayton's early impressions of NWA and Crystal Bridges, his foray into house galleries, and some of the work he's made since moving here 12 years ago.

22b - Dayton.PNG

This is part two in our conversation with Dayton Castleman. In this episode we discuss the brain tumor that turned him into an astronaut, the importance of sacraments, and his involvement with the Rogers Experimental House (something that Zac really geeks out about).

The guys wrap up their conversation with Dayton by talking about some of his previous work, including the following: a chopstick bridge, plaster muffins, and a colorful pipe bomb. Dayton also explains the way all people confront and deal with creativity.

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